LATAM Leadership Team

Jose Toscano

José Toscano


José Toscano is Business Head, Godrej Latin America.

He has over 20 years of experience and has worked at leading FMCG companies such as IBM, The Clorox Company, Cepas Group and General Mills. Before joining Godrej, he worked with General Mills for 10 years as Managing Director for the company’s Argentina business.

At Godrej, José has worked across the marketing and sales functions in senior leadership roles and has transformed the business by drawing the focus on consumers, brand development and company culture.

José joined Godrej Argentina as Sales Director in August 2018 and played an important role in the design of a new commercial route-to-market strategy, among other things. Since then, he has taken on higher levels of responsibility, first as Commercial Director and now as Business Head, where he has been intsrumental in building a culture of innovation, fostering international expansion and boosting process efficiency.

As Business Head, he has led the transformation of the Latin America business through the democratization of personal care consumption, delighting consumers with our range of brands.

José has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a Post Graduate degree in Negotiations from Austral University.

He is married to Natalia and they have two children Bianca and Benicio. José is passionate about sports, especially tennis and football, and loves travelling with his family to new places to learn about cultures.

Roberto Boghossian

Director - Finance (LATAM)

Vivek Gambhir

Roberto Boghossian is Director - Finance, Godrej Latin America.

He joined the team in February 2019, and has since then been responsible for Administration and Finance.

Prior to joining Godrej, he worked as Finance Director at Reckitt Benckiser for its South Cone Cluster. He was also CFO for LVMH Parfums & Cosmetics, and had an interesting professional journey at British American Tobacco, Argentina, where he took on different leadership positions within the Finance Department.

Roberto has a degree in Administration and Accountancy from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.

In his free time, he loves reading and enjoys moments with his family watching cinema and sports.

Naveen Gupta

Mirella Garelli

Director - HR (LATAM)

Mirella Garelli is Director - Human Resources, Godrej Latin America.

She joined Godrej in July 2020 with the mission of continuing to leverage the cultural transformation that the company has been undergoing, as well as promoting business synergies at a regional level.

Mirella began her professional career in Human Resources at Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes, where she spent 8 years, training across different sectors in HR. Before joining Godrej, she spent 12 years at Reckitt Benckiser, starting out as HR Manager, and then as Area Director for South Cone, adding in her last year at Cía (2019) Andean as Region in charge.

Mirella is an Accountant and has a Bachelor of Administration degree from the National University of La Plata. She also has a postgraduate degree in Human Resources from the University of San Andrés. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Coaching at DiTella University.

Mirella has three children, Renata, Violeta and Justo. She is in a relationship with Ignacio, who has a son named Juan Cruz. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, swimming, traveling and learning about new cultures and idiosyncrasies.

Fernando Lanza

Commercial Director (Chile)

Anand Rangaswamy

Fernando is Commercial Director, Godrej Chile.

He is responsible for the development of commercial strategies in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Trade.

Fernando joined Godrej Chile in September 2019 as Marketing Director with the responsibility of strategic value creation for our brands Ilicit, Millefiori and Pamela Grant. Months later, he expanded his portfolio by also taking on responsibility of the Sales and Trade functions through a Commercial role with the aim of generating synergies between all three areas of the company.

Prior to joining Godrej, he worked as Director of Healthcare at Danone Chile and Argentina in the food sector. He also held prominent roles in Marketing and Trade Marketing at Beiersdorf in both Chile and Argentina.

Fernando is a Commercial Engineer from the Catholic University with postgraduate degrees in Marketing and Sales from the University of Chile, Coaching and Leadership from the Adolfo Ibáñez University both in Santiago de Chile, and PDD at the IAE Universidad Austral Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fernando is married to Claudia and they have two children Benjamin and Agustin, in addition to their three pets, Chapi, Uma and Patty. In his spare time he enjoys running and playing tennis. He also likes to travel to new places.

Akhil Chandra

Hugo Morad

IT Director (Latin America) & PSO Director (Chile)

Hugo is Director - Supply Chain, Godrej Chile, and Director - IT, Godrej Latin America.

Hugo joined Godrej in 2010 as Manager of Manufacturing at Godrej Argentina and continued to fill the role he previously worked in at Laboratorio Cuenca S.A. – a company that Godrej acquired.

In 2016, as part of his career development and growth plan, he was expatriated to Chile as Supply Chain Director.

Prior to joining Godrej, Hugo worked in operations, contributing towards process improvement, logistics and manufacturing, and was assigned roles with increasing levels of responsibility.

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica de Buenos Aires.

He is married to Mariela and they have two children, Tomás and Matías, and a pet Ulises.

Hugo enjoys family life, city architecture and watching documentaries to learn about other cultures.

Fabián Moyano

Director - Product Supply Organisation (Argentina)

Omar Momin

Fabián Moyano is Head - PSO, Godrej Argentina.

He joined Godrej in July 2018 after several years of professional experience with local and multinational companies such as Liquid Carbonic (currently Air Liquid), Plastimet, Bestfoods, Unilever and General Mills. He also worked as a consultant, advising on strategies, processes, transformation and leadership.

Fabián is an Industrial Engineer and completed an MBA at the IdeA University Institute. He also completed courses in Strategic Quality Management (Austral University), Strategic Management (Salvador University) and Plastic Transformation (UBA).

Fabián is married to Marcela and they have two children Ramiro and Camila. In his downtime, he loves spending time with his family, watching sports, reading books and writing down his ideas.

Sunil Kataria

Carolina Rey Blanco

Director - Marketing (Argentina)

Carolina Rey Blanco is Director - Marketing, Godrej Argentina.

She joined Godrej in 2016 as Senior Brand Manager for the Hair Colour category and was responsible for relaunching Issue – the country's leading hair colour brand by volume.

In June 2019, she took on the role of Marketing Director, managing categories such as Hair Colour, Hair Care, Styling, Depilatories and Suncare. Carolina has been instrumental in leading the Marketing team on its journey towards growing our brands in terms of image and profitability, establishing and developing strategies to achieve our objectives at the regional level, and leading innovation projects.

Prior to joining Godrej, Carolina worked at companies such as Grupo Familia, Kellogg's and BMC Software.

Carolina has a degree in Public Relations from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), and is currently pursuing a Master in Administration at Universidad Católica, Argentina. In 2018, she won the Jerry Goldenberg award for ‘Best Marketing Professional’ in the area of product advertisement by Dossier Publishing House.

Carolina loves traveling and visiting new places with her closest friends and family members.

Javier Tapia

Director - International Sales (LATAM)

Anand Rangaswamy

Javier Tapia is Director - International Sales, Godrej Latin America.

He joined Godrej in April 2019 as International Sales Manager with the aim of contributing to the cultural transformation that the company was undergoing. He was also responsible for putting in a place a new development strategy for the Division in charge.

In August 2020, he was promoted to Director of International Sales and was awarded responsibility of promoting the expansion of our brands in different markets worldwide.

A business leader with more than 20 years of experience, Javier spent most of his professional career at General Mills, where he performed various roles, first as Manager for South America and then as Sales Director for Argentina, in food service and retail, respectively, at a regional level.

He has a degree in Marketing from UCES (University of Business and Social Sciences).

Javier has been married to Mónica for 15 years with whom he has two children, Milagros and Juan Martin. He enjoys outdoor sports like soccer and running, and traveling with his family.

Sunil Kataria

Pablo Vazquez

Sales Director (Argentina)

Pablo Vázquez is the Sales Director of Godrej Argentina.

He joined the company in September 2018 as Sales Manager for the Direct Channel. He played a key role in the implementation of the the route-to-market strategy in his division.

As of January 2020 he has taken the lead of the Sales area as Sales Director for Argentina. His main challenge ahead is to further the turnaround of the business through the creation of a culture of innovation, efficiency and agility, as well as the promotion of corporate values, such as "think as a company owner" when making decisions.

Pablo has a wide experience in leading commercial teams at FMCG businesses in the cosmetics market. He has worked at companies such as L'oreal and Coty Argentina.

He has a BA degree in International Trade from the Argentine Business University (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa).

His greatest passions are his family, football, music and travelling. He feels the Patagonia, south of Argentina, is the perfect place to connect with himself through nature and enjoy the simple things in life together with his family.


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